Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Restaurant Design: Martini Cakes

My last Interior Design class ever, so bittersweet... anyways we did a restaurant design. We could do anything we like and I wanted to do something outside the box. 

I present Martini Cakes! 
It's a cupcake bar that features fancy cupcakes and if you're feeling daring you can order an alcoholic cupcake to go with your martini! The design of the restaurant features three bars, a dining are, a raised private dining area and a waiting area. When you walk in you are greeted by a hostess and you can stay for awhile and have a drink with a tasty treat or take it to go by picking out your favorites in the display case of cupcakes. 

A NYC loft style theme with exposed brick and duct work. A huge 50 foot digital wallcovering is showcased in the dining area and is also reflected back in the waiting chairs and wrapped around 2 of the bars. 3 types of flooring throughout Martini Cakes, a herringbone natural flat grain bamboo floor for the dining area and an espresso plank bamboo floor for the raised private dining area and concrete floors when you walk through the door through the waiting area and the other bar. 

Bright red-orange and turquoise are used on the walls. Herman Miller furniture is used throughout, whimsical red-orange molded plastic chairs, Eiffel tower based dining tables, and aluminum stools around the bars.

 When we gave our presentations we had the fantastic opportunity of presenting them to Georg Andersen, a very gifted and a world class interior designer.

Georg and my Interior Design professor KC awarded me this certificate! Yay! Third place out of 13, not too bad! :)

As of now, finishing up final exams and I'm graduating this Saturday!! It came so fast! I don't know where time went but I know I have had a blast!

Now packing up my house and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico for my internship!!

Bedroom Design: West Elm

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The day I have been waiting for since I started college is finally here! Today I received news that I am going to Santa Fe, NM for my internship at Samuel Design Group! I am beyond excited and blessed to have this awesome opportunity given to me! I can't wait to learn what the real interior design world is like. It hasn't sunk in yet that this is my reality, but I know this is the beginning to my career and the rest of my life. I can't wait!