About Me

My name is Meghan Brown and I am an Interior Designer. Interior Design has always been a passion of mine, along with helping others and my desire is to do them both seamlessly together! Interior Design is a way for me to be creative and contribute beautiful environments to the world around me. Designing interiors that reflect the client's personality and exceeding their expectations is my goal. 

Interior Design is a means of bringing out the beauty in anything and surrounding yourself among it, this in turn is developing a positive environment to live in. 

Ever since I was young I always have had a love for interior design which has only grown over the years. I have graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Central Arkansas. Immediately after graduating I packed my bags and headed to Albuquerque to begin my Interior Design career and have enjoyed it ever since.
In this blog I will provide design solutions for your home, inspiration, and some of my own projects. I hope that you find it helpful and inspiring! Please feel free to comment, email me, or contact me on any of my other websites about anything! I would love to hear from you all and become friends, maybe even begin a design project at your home! :)

I'm so glad you're here!