Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Real Client

Remember that job offer I got to help design my teacher's legislative office? Well I originally said we would meet on Friday, but it got pushed to today. So this morning I got up bright and early to get ready. The moment I woke up, an hour before I was supposed to, I was so anxious, nervous and had the butterflies! I have never done anything like this before so I was scared and excited all at once. 

I arrived at the meet up spot, McDonalds (Ha!), and I followed him to his office building that he just bought. It was a nice little office space and big enough for just him and a few other employees. When you walked in there was a long hallway straight ahead on the left side that led to three other rooms, two storage rooms and then a bathroom. Then on the right side of the hallway is a waiting/receptionist area that is right when you walk in the front door. Then to the right of that is his private office.

Today we just picked out paint colors, we decided to do a royal blue for an accent wall for his gallery wall that is in the waiting/receptionist area and to paint the rest of the walls a cool gray and then white trim and doors. He was excited about the look I came up with!

After choosing the paint colors he told me that he wanted me to help him pick out furniture and accessories for the space. He said his grand opening was at the end of the month and wanted it to look fantastic. Well he came to the right girl! :) 

So now he wants me to come up with a designer fee charge, which I have never done before because he is my first real client. How much should I charge? My dad says $25/hour, but I don't know if that is too high or too low for first starting out, and I'm still in school too! 

Well I have to email him my fee soon and he will send me pictures of the space so I can add it into my portfolio and also so you all can see the canvas I am working with. I will be sure to also show you guys the progress along the way! I am so excited to have this opportunity and beyond blessed! 

What do you think of the paint colors, are they good for a legislative office?



  1. Hey girl! Congrats on your first client! I recently recieved my first one as well. I had the same problem as you too, figuring out a fee (considering I had never professionally designed a space for anyone before). I ended up asking for $20/hr, so I definitely think that $25 is more than fair!

    Also, stumbled across your site after viewing your set on Polyvore. I'll definitely be following your blog from now on!

    Good luck with your 1st client! Keep in touch!

    xo Sam
    DIY Huntress

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and following along and my Polyvore! That means so much to me! :)
      I gave him my offer of $25/hour and he said it was way more than fair, and that he thought I should rack up some hours to get paid more! Haha! It's all a learning experience and trial & error when first starting out!

      Good luck to you as well on your first client! That's exciting! :)
      Keep in touch too! & thanks for the sweet comment Sam!

      xo Meghan

  2. How exciting! I have yet to have my first job offer but I am excited for the day it happens! I am your newest follower!

    Xo, Amanda

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and follow! It means so much to me! :)
      Keep in touch!
      xo Meghan


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